Laundry Intensive

High Efficiency washers only use an average of 12 gallons per load compared to 40+ gallons for a top load washer. At just one load of laundry per day, that saves 10,000 gallons of water per year. That is a HUGE savings. Our machines have advanced spin cycles of up to 1400 RPM’s, which results in less drying time and more energy savings.

Our washers let you choose the appropriate temperature for each wash. To save energy, CHOOSE COLD WATER for most washloads and use appropriate cold-water detergents that dissolve better in cooler water temperatures. Properly sorting clothing is one step that enables you to better choose the best temperature for each load. Bring in cold water goes a long way to help clothing actually last longer and retain its good looks.

10 Reasons to Line Dry Laundry 1. Save Money 2. Energy Conservation 3. Freshness 4. Gentle on Clothing 5. Physical Activity  (Get Outside) 6. Good Rays. Sunlight  helps to bleach and disinfect laundry. 7. Winter Humidity 8. Prevent Fire Risks 9. Peacefulness 10. One Small Step

You Made That Detergent Bottle Into a What?
Superior Scoops Slice off the top part of a detergent bottle so you have just the bottom & handle. Instant all-purpose scoop! Fantastic Funnels Remove the bottom of a detergent container and, presto, turn it upside down, remove the cap and start funneling. Watering Cans Turn it into a useful watering can. Drill or poke holes in the the cap fill with water. Now off to the garden!

Hopeless Old Clothes.
NAH! You may think thread-bare, stained, ripped, old clothes and towels are good for nothing. In such a case, you can cut them up and use them as rags or handkerchiefs. Eliminate your “need” for paper towels. Fabric is great for cleaning glass, wiping up spills, dusting and more.

Trade Up
Going to Goodwill has gone digital! Trade you swag online at Swap-O-rama, Freecycle, Clothingswap, Pdxswap, U-exchange and Swishing. Next time you are looking for a fashon upgrade, hit up the web for an easy way to keep pre-loved clothing on our bodies rather than in landfills.

LINT 2.0
One of the reasons we clean out dryer lint is to prevent fires – it is highly flammable. So, why not use it to start a fire where you want one? One method is to pack lint into a small section of toilet paper or into the cups of paper egg cartons. Pour melted candle wax over the lint. Cut the egg carton apart into 12 separate fire starters. Simply light the edge of the paper egg cup and place next to your kindling to get a good blaze started.

Pet Bedding
If you have guinea pigs or hamsters or gerbils or rats, lint makes some great bedding. It is clean and soft and easy to replenish. If you have a pup, stuff a pillow sham with old clothes and towels to make a comfortable bed that’ll smell great to your canine companion.

Dryer Lint Clay
2 cups lint
1/3 cup warm water
1/4 cup white glue
1 tablespoon clear dishwashing liquid
Acrylic Paints
In a mixing bowl, combine lint, water, glue and dishwashing liquid. Mix well with a spoon. When a stiff dough forms, remove the clay and knead it until it has a uniform texture. Use it to model figures or fill molds. Allow to dry for 3 to 5 days, then paint and decorate as desired with acrylic paint. It can last several days in air-tight container.

Coat Hangers
Reuse is the best option. If you don’t want to keep wire hangers around in your closet, use them for do-it-yourself projects such as unclogging drains. Use them for craft projects: mobiles, wreaths, metal origami or revive an old favorite: yarn-covered hangers.

Lastly, you can always bring them back here and we will take care of the rest.

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