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Interested in learning more about cloth diapers? Please contact us – we would bee happy to talk with you over the phone or to schedule  an in-person demonstration for groups or individuals. (No pressure either: you don’t have to buy anything from us.)

Our classes and demos:

Cloth Diaper Service Demonstration:

This class will teach you all about our diaper service and show you how it can work to help you and your family be successful at cloth diapering! Many families want to cloth diaper but aren’t interested in doing more laundry…the service is for you! We give you the information you need to know to make the right choice for your baby and your family!
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Cloth Diapering 101: The Basics of Cloth Diapering

Join us for a fun filled session on the basics of cloth diapering! Learn about the current styles and brands of cloth diapers…along with advantages of each, laundering tips, fabric discussion, types of accessories. How you incorporate cloth diapering into your family’s lifestyle to make it work is up to you…there are MANY ways to be successful and we are here to help you figure that out.


Here are ALL the details about our diaper service: SIGN UP TODAY!

Clean Bee Laundry makes cloth diapering a viable option for any family wanting what’s best for their baby. It’s simple, convenient, and affordable. And it’s the most responsible choice parents can make for the health of their baby, and of the planet. SIGN UP TODAY!

Cloth diapers simply feel better: to our touch, to our hearts, to our babies, and to our Earth. No garbage, no chemicals. They are a pure, natural and safe diapering choice. And they’re by far the most economical choice. With a diaper service, they take even less effort effort than tossing something into the trash can. We’d like to see disposables returned to the position in the market in which they originally placed themselves… a product to be used sparingly, not exclusively.

Clean Bee has a selection of new and gently used cloth diapers and supplies for sale. We promote small, women owned businesses such as Bummis and Loveybums. We’d be happy to put together a gift package and/or gift certificate for you. We welcome you to use the self-serve machines to launder your diapers. Check with an attendant for the best machine and wash selection to use. If your diapers need a professional clean, you can drop them off for a sanitizing wash in our ozone machines.

Or you can cloth diaper as easy as can bee – by using our diaper service. Since 2005 (originally Buzzie Bee Diapers), we’ve helped hundreds of midcoast families successfully cloth diaper their babies. Read on for the diaper service details or click here to sign up for service.

Clean Bee offers three levels of diaper service: SIGN UP TODAY!

service plans

free delivery within 20 miles of Camden
discounts for twins + multiple children

monthly price

pay for 11 months, get the 12th month free

basic service: up to 80 newborn/70 infant/50 toddler prefolds + 14 doublers


whole shebang: basic plus wipes + covers


wwyd: we wash diapers you already own or purchase from us



start up kit

one time cost

hamper, 3 liner bags, 4 citrus circles, 2 snappis, 1 roll of bioliners

purchase for $45 or rent for $30


service add ons

monthly price

additional 50 wipes per week (we wash)


additional 10 prefolds per week (we wash)


8 covers (you wash at home)

$10, plus one time $30 rental fee

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Discounts available for twins or multiple children in the same household. All diaper service customers will need a Start Up Kit, either rented or purchased. Purchase for $45 or Rent for $30. This is a one time fee and includes delivery of a diaper pail, hamper liners, citrus circles, a snappi and a roll of bioliners. We suggest you start by renting it. When you decide to home launder diapers or know that you’d like to use the kit for future babies, let us know and we’ll charge you the difference between rental and purchase price.

Diaper service customers enjoy free delivery within 20 coastal miles of Camden ME – beyond that, let’s talk! There may be an additional delivery fee or perhaps we could deliver to a location nearby (work? friend’s home?). As much as we’d like to serve every growing family in midcoast Maine, we recognize that the ever fluctuating price of gas and the rural nature of this area makes this an impossibility.

Clean Bee Laundry carries 4 sizes of diapers and covers: newborn, infant, and toddler prefolds and infant contours. Clean Bee’s flat rate pricing lets you project the cost and savings of cloth diapering. It also insures that your child has as many diapers as needed.

If this is your first experience with cloth diapers (or parenthood!), we recommend you start with at least a month of The Whole Shebang. You’ll get everything you need delivered in one spot for one consistent price. If you’d rather not fold diapers, go with the contoured diapers which provide a slightly trimmer fit. With a few days notice, we can add or remove rental items. Our goal is to make this work for you! SIGN UP TODAY!

Once your child starts potty learning, we are happy to lend moral support, tips and tricks for you and your child during this transition time.

Price comparison to disposables: Using an estimated 25 months with the basic level service, families would spend $2440 on Clean Bee’s rental service. A child in disposable diapers will likely remain in them much longer than a child in cloth. To keep a child in Seventh Generation disposable diapers until 48 months costs $3578, in Huggies for the same length of time costs $2645, not including additional costs for disposables (such as dump fees, disposable wipes, and the cost of whatever impulse buys you might make when running to the store ‘just’ to pick up diapers).

how do I get started?
JUST CALL OUR OFFICE! 207-236-2530 or click here to SIGN UP TODAY!Diaper Service We will ask you to select the rental items you wish to use. If you are diapering a newborn or welcoming a baby to your home, we will deliver a “pre-arrival” (35 diapers at no charge) to your home about a week before the baby arrives. Any other items you need will be delivered at that time. We’ll demonstrate how to diaper a baby and go over any questions you might have. We then wait for your call to say the baby has arrived, at which time your regular service and billing begins. We request that you contact us within 6 weeks of the “pre-arrival” delivery to begin service. Additional support – in person, over the phone, or via email – is available along the way. Our goal is to make this a simple process so both parents and baby will enjoy diapering. Initial payment is due on or before delivery of the pre-arrival.

Initial payment covers the first four weeks of service. The start up kit (diaper hamper and liner bags) may be purchased at this time as well. Paid service is non-refundable.

how does the diaper service work?
Diaper Service is weekly pickup and delivery of fresh pure diapers to your home. Your address determines your delivery day. Your choice of rental plan determines the items we deliver.

Diapers will arrive on your doorstep in a nylon bag hamper liner.

Put the fresh diapers in the nursery. Use the bag to line the diaper hamper.

Put the optional Citrus Circle into the lid compartment of the hamper. A Citrus Circle is a non-toxic deodorizing disc that can be placed right in the hamper. Each disc lasts about 4 weeks. Clean Bee Laundry provides 4 Citrus Circles to customers with the pre-arrival delivery. Additional Citrus Circles may be purchased when needed. Baking powder also works as a non-toxic deodorizer. Sprinkle it liberally into the hamper to neutralize odors. It won’t damage the diapers but will help with the smell.

Take soiled diapers off baby and toss them into the bag/hamper. If there is solid poop, shake it into toilet as this will reduce hamper odor and diaper staining. No need to dunk or soak diapers in the toilet!

The following week, the night before your delivery day, remove the hamper liner of soiled diapers. If there is anything you want us to know (such as adding or removing items to the service or purchasing BioLiners or diaper covers) secure a note to the outside of the bag. Likewise, payments should be attached to the outside of the bag.

Place the bag on your doorstep for exchange. We’ll be there early the next morning to pick up the bag and leave the freshly laundered diapers in its place. Don’t worry if it’s raining, we’ll leave the clean diapers in a predetermined rain location, just in case. That’s it – easy as can bee!

still have questions?
How do I activate my weekly delivery?
Simply call our office as soon as you are ready to begin the diaper service. Wet diapers can mildew over a period of time, so please call as as soon as you start using them. Once we hear from you, we’ll get you on the next delivery day. We expect to hear from you within a month of your pre-arrival delivery. If we haven’t heard from you by then, we will follow up with a phone call or email.

What if I am not home?
There’s no reason to be home. We make cloth diapering easy as can bee! Simply leave your diapers in the predetermined spot the night before your delivery day. You don’t need to be home to accept the clean diapers either. We’ll leave them for you. At your pre-arrival, we’ll establish a place where diapers can be left regardless of the weather conditions.

Can Clean Bee deliver to my babysitter’s?
We can deliver to your home, your sitter’s or your daycare center. We will deliver to the location of your choice within our delivery area. One delivery location is included with your service.

Where do I keep soiled diapers?
Use the nylon bag that your diapers come in to line your hamper. Place soiled diapers into the hamper. Please shake any solid poo into the toilet. We make every effort to return personal items which may accidentally get put in with the diapers. However, we cannot be responsible for their return or the condition in which they may be returned. Please avoid putting plastic bags and plastic diapers in your hamper as they can cause damage to our equipment. Be sure to turn in all of your soiled diapers each week.

Do I have to rinse the diapers first?
Nope! All you have to do is take the diaper off your baby and put it in the hamper. If your baby is eating solid foods and making solid poos, please shake the poo into the toilet before you put the diaper in the hamper. This will cut down on diaper staining as well as pail odor. Our washing process will take care of the rest.

What about odors?
Once in a while, wash out your hamper by filling it with hot water and a capful of shampoo or dish soap. If you like, use the citrus circles which are provided when you begin the service. Additional citrus circles are available for purchase. Liberally sprinkling baking soda on the soiled diapers in the hamper will reduce odors too.

Will I get the same diapers back?
Yes – your service is personalized. You’ll receive the same diapers back each week, except for diapers that are badly stained or worn out, which are replaced.
How many diapers do I need?
It depends. The first few weeks call for lots and lots of diapers. Most first-time parents find it hard to believe that you really do need at least 70 diapers per week. When you reach the point where you consistently have 20 or so diapers left unused at the end of a week, then it’s time to decrease your stock. Simply leave them out in a bag next to the soiled diapers.

How often should I change my baby?
Regardless of what kind of diaper you use, you should change your baby at least every two hours. There is a good chance that, someday, your baby will be changing you.

What if I miss a pick up?
No need to worry! The first time this happens, just give us a call and we’ll either arrange to come back out as a courtesy. After that, there is a $10 transportation fee plus any applicable delivery fee. You may occasionally forgotten diapers off at our Camden location. Repeat forgetters may be terminated from the delivery service.

What if I received a gift certificate for Clean Bee?

Many families receive gift certificates from friends, family or co-workers. Gift certificate amounts will be applied to your account and used toward diaper service unless otherwise requested by you. Gift certificates are non-refundable.

How and when do I pay?

Like most rental services, Clean Bee requires payment in advance. To begin service, we require 4 weeks payment. After that, we bill monthly with invoices going out on the 20th and payment due the first of the following month. We’re happy to work with you and will do weekly billing upon request. We accept payment in cash, check or can bill your credit card monthly. Paid service is non-refundable. Payments should be secured to the *outside* of the soiled diaper bag. If you’re gifting someone with diaper service, we will bill you directly.

diaper2What happens if I go on vacation?
Vacation Credits are available – If you will not be using Clean Bee’s rental stock while you are away, we will credit you for the week (up to three weeks) that you are away. Vacation credits require 5 days notice. We reserve the right to request you turn in all rental stock items while you’re away.

What if my delivery day falls on a holiday?
We deliver as usual on every holiday except Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day and will notify you in advance of the holiday delivery schedule. That said, we are a family-run business. We’d let you know as soon as possible in the rare event of a family emergency or event which would cause us to shift around your delivery day.

What about day care? Can my baby use cloth in day care?
Thanks to a 2014 Dept. of Health and Human Services rule change – yes!

The rule states:  ‘Sec. 1 Department of Health and Human Services to amend rules regarding child care facilities and rules regarding family child care providers. Resolved: That the Department of Health and Human Services shall amend its rules by February 1, 2014 to authorize both licensed child care facilities and certified family child care providers to allow the use of cloth diapers for any child rather than only for those children with a medical reason that requires the use of cloth diapers. The rules must require a parent or guardian to provide clean diapers for the child and require a licensed child care facility or certified family child care provider that uses a cloth diaper upon the request of a parent or guardian to comply with diapering guidelines available from the Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services within the department, place soiled cloth diapers in a sealed bag or container and return the soiled diapers to the parent. Rules adopted under this section are routine technical rules as defined in the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 5, chapter 375, subchapter 2-A.’   SUMMARY: This amendment replaces the bill with a resolve. It requires the Department of Health and Human Services to amend its rules by February 1, 2014 to allow both licensed child care facilities and certified family child care providers to use cloth diapers for any child. The rules must require the parent or guardian to provide clean diapers for the child, and a licensed child care facility or certified family child care provider that uses a cloth diaper upon the request of a parent or guardian is required to comply with diapering guidelines available from the department’s Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services.

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Rent a Home Launder Diaper Kit

home launder sizes

convenient tote containing laundry bag, home laundering tips and..

3 month rental price

Newborn (up to 10 lb)

30 newborn prefolds, 8 newborn covers, 30 wipes

$60. plus $150 deposit

Infant (10-15 lb)

24 infant prefolds, 8 small covers, 24 wipes

$66 plus $175 deposit

Infant/Toddler (15-30 lb)

24 infant prefolds, 8 medium covers, 24 wipes

$75 plus $185 deposit

Toddler (15-30 lb)

20 toddler prefolds, 6 medium covers, 20 wipes

$75 plus $185 deposit

XL Toddler (over 30 lb)

18 XL-toddler prefolds, 6 lg/xl covers, 18 wipes

$75 plus $185 deposit

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Clean Bee Laundry’s Home Launder Diaper Kits are designed to give families a chance to try cloth diapers with minimal financial investment.

The deposit is fully refundable as long as the kit is returned with all original parts and that the container, diapers, wipes and covers meet the following criteria: returned in clean/washed condition, free from holes, odor, pet/human hair, and/or lint. Items with excessive staining are NOT returnable. We have the right to refuse a return that is not received in acceptable condition. Any diaper, wipe, cover or container that criteria will be charged from the deposit as follows: $2/prefold or wipe, $15/cover or container. If nothing is returned, customer forfeits the entire deposit.

The rental period is for 3 months and can be prorated by the month. The smallest unit of rental period is 1 month. For example, if the kit is needed for 2 weeks, it can be rented for the one-third the rental price. The deposit amount may not be prorated.

The deposit is due when the customer takes the Home Launder Diaper Kit. If eligible for refund, customer may choose refund method: store credit or store issued check payable to the customer. It may take up to 5 business days to issue a refund. Refunding the deposit by credit card is not an option.

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